Evil showing

Rejoice dear followers! Lord Melvin has decided that it’s time to show himself to you in all his dark splendour. So if you long for a taste of the power of a true Lord of Evil let Evil Melvin catch you up in his charm. Then we will know what to do with you.

Seguaci, gioite! Lord Melvin ha deciso che è tempo di mostrarsi a voi in tutto il suo tenebroso splendore. Se dunque bramate di saggiare il potere di un vero signore del Male, fatevi rapire dal fascino di Evil Melvin. Sapremo noi cosa fare poi di voi.Melvin_LookDev

Melvin model unveiled!

Beloved followers, we are extremely happy to announce that Lord Melvin is ready to reveal himself to the public eye! However, being a 3D model, Melvin decided you are not worthy enough to see him textured and shaded as it should be. Perhaps in a little time we will manage to convince him to show his magnificence and maybe to pay us for this job. In the meantime enjoy this brief Maniak presentation! New revelations are coming!


Amati seguaci, è con immensa gioia che annunciamo la decisione di Lord Melvin di rivelarsi per la prima volta ai vostri occhi! Ma, essendo un modello 3D, Melvin ha deciso che non siete degni al momento di vederlo texturizzato e shadato come si competeforse fra qualche tempo riusciremo a convincerlo a mostrarsi in tutta la sua magnificenza, e magari a pagarci per questo lavoronel frattempo godetevi questa breve presentazione in tinte Maniak! Nuove rivelazioni in arrivo!


Evil Melvin – Evil will never be the same -



And this is just the beginning!



Yeah, we know, we are releasing news in dribs and drabs but we are all workinhard to bring our very first prototype to life, soon we’ll be able to show you some in-game footage!

Evil Melvin – Evil will never be the same

Once upon a time

Oh, where to begin..? Keep follow us!

Oh, hello!

“Oh, hello! I bet you are not even able to open a little pocket book like me, uh?”


Arcibad, Melvin’s butler

Arcibad is Melvin’s butler, he’s been faithful to his family for centuries. He knows everything that a butler should know, like the secret passages of the mansion, the traps, and how to serve a tea so special that it could bring the dead back.

Evil Melvin – First details revealed!

First details of “Evil Melvin” revealed: it will be a platform/action game, in which the protagonist, Melvin a wicked Lord of Evil, aim to reclaim his usurped kingdom. Stay tuned for upcoming info!

Evil’s got a new face

Evil's got a new face… We wickedly reveal here Melvin, the protagonist of Maniak Games new game: “Evil Melvin”!

Evil will never be the same

…Forgive the long absence, but we have been enslaved and forced to work, and… oh, no! We must escape, he's coming!! See you at View Conference 2013!

Your mobile shall live again!

Oh no! We – the guys from Maniak Games – were creating something and then… it all fo out of our control!! They're everywhere!! They're coming, and the only thing that's going to save you is your mobile!!

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